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Baking with olive oil or user error?

Last night I tried to make a special treat for my sweetie - the Olive Oil & Coconut Brownies from the NYT last weekend: brownies

However, even though I baked them twice as long as the recommended 25-30 minutes, and let them cool for almost 3 hours they were completely undercooked and raw. I love gooey fudge and coconut as well as the next person, but I'd love to know what went wrong.

I tried to run this baking scenario by my grandmother this morning hoping for an "a-ha!" solution, but instead she's convinced that you shouldn't bake with olive oil. Ever.

Is there something inherently different about baking with olive oil instead of other fats? Has anyone made this (or similar) desserts with moderate success? Should I chalk this up to a baking fluke and try again?

For the record - the "brownies" tasted incredible and they had this amazing crispy/coconut-y/texture when you first bite into them. I'm hooked.

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