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Replacement knobs for KA mixer?

I've had my KitchenAid stand mixer for a little under 3 years. After the first year, the black plastic knob on the speed lever broke off. Last night the knob on the tilt lock lever broke off. I checked KA's website when the first one broke and couldn't find any replacement parts. Anyone have any suggestions on what I can use to cover the bare metal? The speed control one isn't so bad, but the tilt control sometimes sticks, so I would bump it with the heel of my hand. I can't do that with bare metal. I refuse to build up a little ball of duct tape or something because that would look awful on my beautiful mixer. I've seen KA's quality first-hand (my parents got their stand mixer as a wedding present in the 70s and it's still going strong). I'm pretty disappointed these broke off and so quickly.


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