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Orange Marmalade: Good; Seville Oranges: Rare

I am a HUGE fan of (homemade) Orange Marmalade. I use an generations-old (English) formula based on Navel oranges and Lemons. Very easy, delicious and a great 'something gift' for many friends. For YEARS, I've wanted to try it with the more traditional Seville Oranges. I've seen the type only once, but they were too old/dry to make good 'lade. Any ideas about sources for Seville Oranges? I've heard that there might be a few groves in AZ, but I cannot find them. I well understand that the Seville is not as lush and eye appealing as the Navel; it is not an 'Eating' fruit. I can make them work for 'lade. I enjoy the bitter part of O'lades and I realy want to try this 'prototype' 'lade fruit. I expect some freight charges, and I wwant to establish a relationship with a grower. "Gift Boxes" and four levels of middlemen jst won't work. Thoughts and contacts are most welcome. Thanks.

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