Myth? Seeds Left in Your Pizza Sauce = Bitter Sauce?

My WFO owning friend scoffed as I crushed some tomatoes by hand that I had brought over from my garden and quickly roasted in his oven then placed directly on a pie. He claimed you shouldn't do that as the seeds will leave you with a bitter pie after it's fired, you need to run them through a food mill or remove the seeds by hand. Anyways the pie tasted great, but he still defends his claim.

I often use a food mill when making sauce but also sometimes prefer a more chunky sauce and will just crush some tomatoes by hand or give them a quick whirl with a boat motor.

I was always told the seeds are only a concern if you are going to process the hell out of the tomatoes where the seeds will actually get chopped in the process and you can end with bitter flavors or when aesthetics are particularly important.

Tomato seeds? Are they really something to be afraid of?

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