Mega Millions - If I'd won, I'd celebrate by...

Unless you're still recovering from the New Year (or the North East blizzard) in a ditch somewhere, or not from the US, you'd be aware of the $355 Million jackpot that was finally won this week.
Before you quit your job, and solve world hunger, what decadent foodie adventure would you celebrate with?
I'd be excited about the accessability of great food around the my new private jet :)
So I'll fly back to the Far East to get my family, and celebrate at this hole in the wall seafood restaurant, where you pick out live seafood and choose how you want them cooked. Then off to San Sebastian in Spain to dine at Arzak, stop for a pintxos or two, and then perhaps stop by the UK to meet more family and take over the Fat Duck for another lavish meal...etc, etc..
(fyi, I'll have my personal trainer in tow to work off the pounds!).

How would you celebrate your millions?

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