Mac & Cheese Help

I'm on a mission to make mac & cheese for my boyfriend's birthday next month (it's his favorite). I've tried making mac & cheese at home, but it never comes out the way I want it to. I like my mac & cheese to be rich, super creamy and the flavor of cheese should be present. Usually my sauce turns out gummy or has very little flavor. I've tried different recipes and mixes of cheeses (I think the best was goat, manchego and cheddar).

I can consistently turn out a delicious alfredo sauce, so I was thinking I may be better off approaching the cheese sauce like an alfredo. Instead of baking the whole thing, I could toast some breadcrumbs separately and top each serving with them. Is this a successful approach? What cheeses would work best this way?

Any advice would be much appreciated. I haven't settled on sides, dessert or a cocktail yet, so feel free to let me know your favorites. Thanks!

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