I've been missing out for all these years!!! Turkish food.

A little travel update. I had a lovely time in Zagreb. The food is very heavy. A few highlights were the peppery cookies "paprenjak" and the beer which was light and delicious, particularly after doing interviews for 7 hours straight.

But ALL SE 'ers should immediately book flights to Istanbul. Serious. Street food amazing. Hot/cold appetizers to die for!!! Kebabs, kofte and clay vessel cooking that is not only fun to experience but delicious as well. Breads everywhere. Fish too. Then there are the desserts--at one bakery they had a tower of baklava with a mini honey fountain dripping off of it. I saw a guy who tosses ice cream and 2 chocolate fountains -on the street!
How about nuts, figs and dried fruits-it's all here.

I'm an incredibly light packer and 2 of my outfits don't fit anymore. I can't help it but at every meal I eat until I want to burst. Also Turkish hospitality has been remarkable wherever I have gone-people cannot do enough to please each other.

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