Have you ever been so disappointed by a meal that you cried?

I had dreams of the menu of one of our favorite small neighborhood restaurants, that we haven't been to in a while. We finally got a chance to go back and I ordered everything I was craving from there. The baked clams with a luscious garlic butter for my appetizer, the amazing blue cheese dressing for my salad and the steak and lobster tail dinner. They must have changed chefs because the baked clams weren't the same recipe, not even close.The blue cheese dressing that was the best in the world was now all mayonnaise and very little blue cheese and awful and the steak and lobster were mediocre. I actually cried right there in the restaurant! I missed the memory of those wonderful meals there, and wished I had never came back . My husband didn't know what to do, since I am not a crier. I never experienced this before. Has anyone else had this happen over a meal?

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