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DIY frozen fish sticks?

So I sent DH to the store for dried salted cod (for codfish cakes). He came home with 3 lbs of fresh cod fillets. Oh well, at least it was the right species... problem is, he doesn't like cod, and I can only eat so much. We are expecting a baby, and I was thinking that some homemade frozen fish sticks would be a welcome freezer item.
So... anyone made these? Can I just three-step-bread the fish sticks, freeze them on a sheet tray, then dump them in a bag? Should I cook the fish sticks first, then freeze? It's been a very long time since I ate a commercially prepared fish stick, so I don't know if they are usually "fully cooked, just heat and eat" or if the cooking process was to actually COOK the fish as opposed to just reheating.
Any assistance would be great - I've already mined SE posts for other freezer meal ideas (thanks for those as well)!!

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