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Cookbooks you love ...but don't use?

I love cookbooks -- old or new, pictures or no pictures, huge compendium or single subject. So I have many more than I can really cook from on a regular basis. Still, I am resolved to cook more from these books in 2011 and was poring over a selection yesterday ... when it occurred to me, some of the books I fell in love with in the store, I have almost never cooked from since the day the book came in the front door.

For me, one such book is Dorie Greenspan's latest -- it's beautiful and I love to look at it and read it, but have only actually made two things (although the honey-spiced madeleines are on tap for today finally). Until recently (and thanks to the cook-the-book challenger at the cookbooker site), I often pulled out the Zuni Cafe book to read, but had only made a few soups from that book.

Others have surprised me by becoming a book that I cook from pretty often, e.g, the new NYT cookbook. Another is Melissa's Clark's latest. And a book called The Cheese Course that I pull off the shelf at least once a week.

So my question is:

Are there cookbooks that you fell in love with at the store that you use less than you expected? Are there books that have unexpectedly become "old reliables"?


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