Cockroach on Chopped TV (Food Network)

Did no one else notice?

While a contestant is prepping food a ginormous cockroach runs right across the table and up against his cutting board, just an inch from the food.

This happens in the final (dessert) round of the episode "Doughs and Don'ts" a.k.a. beef deckle -- at approximately 32:24, right after a judge (Amanda Freitag) talks about how there are nutty flavors available for the dessert. The roach comes in from the upper right of the contestant's metal worktable.

The roach (or maybe other chubby insect) continues forward down the cutting board and past the camera's view.

I'm not so surprised about the roach -- I'm surprised the editors left it in! I thought these things are edited to within an inch of the producers' lives.

It's particularly interesting considering how much of a big deal they make of hygiene on the show (no double dipping spoons!) and how in this particular episode the eventual (and insufferably douchey) winner was chastised for putting his used pots and pans on the floor. Yep, same guy the roach runs next to.

It was actually a pretty entertaining episode otherwise; even had serious bleeding if you like that sort of rubbernecking reality show bit.

If you google on "doughs and don'ts chopped" the first hit is currently an online stream of the episode, which is where I gathered the 32:24 timemark; but be very careful as that site pops up tons of crap and possibly malware.

Did anybody else see this?

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