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A New Sourdough Discovery?

As noted elsewhere, I just made a new batch of pizza dough. My method is a bit unusual in that I use a *huge* amount of recently activated/fed starter and essentially thicken it with more flour to complete the dough. (The process may have a name, but I'm not fussy about proper names.) While stirring the expanded starter, I thought -gee whiz! This looks and feels like a thick-ish batter. I wonder how well it would work for a frying batter. In short, a few small experiments suggest that it is just fine. The texture is about right and it crisps very well. In a future experiment, I may stir in a bit of baking powder, or some flavoring, but they are not essential. As there is no sugar in the simple starter, decent browning takes a slightly higher heat, but I think this has some potential. Nice to know that a decent batter may already be on hand. Has anyone ever tried this? What, if any mondifications have you made. Thanks.


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