A confession about spicy foods.

I have tried to love them. I have eaten every global cuisine I can get my hands on. I have tried cutting the heat with everything and anything you can think of. I know it is considered "manly" or trendy to just suck it up or that extreme spiciness is a good sort of pain but often I find its used excessively and maybe I'm a supertaster or something but I'm willing to admit, I'm sick of spicy foods. Doesn't mean I want all my food bland, and I get accused of wanting "americanized" food, but I have tried to love chilis, and really, it just hurts. Just pain and heartburn. No fun in that. Anyone else with me on this? Not saying I don't want any even slightly spicy food, just when I can barely eat a plate of it without four glasses of water, that's excessive.

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