What should I make tonight?

Here's what I have in my fridge/pantry

less than 100g ground pork
sichuan chile bean paste
1 leek
3/4 of a kabocha
napa cabbage
lebanese olives
salted black beans
dried shiitake
kouya tofu
a small amount of firm silken tofu
aged cheddar
chicken broth
dried facing heaven chiles
sichuan pepper
an array of indian/arabic spices
fresh thai chiles
some scallions (maybe)
sesame seeds
sesame oil, soy sauce, mirin, sake, venegar, various cooking oils, butter
fresh udon
dried soba
brown japanese rice
white japanese rice
basmati rice

In about two hours I need to make dinner. I was thinking Mapo Doufu (it would conveniently use up the pork and chile bean paste, as well as the leek). Only concern: I don't have a ton of tofu, nor do I have much of the right kind of rice, and I don't like eating East Asian food with basmati rice....

Should I just go for it, or can you guys suggest something else?

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