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Appliance attrition

When I first started cooking, I really felt deprived without items such as a food processor, blender, mixer, thermometer, fill in the blank. As I moved out and set up house, I slowly acquired many of these items, and oddly enough the more time goes by, the less often I use them. For some reason cleaning the appliance seems harder/slower than doing it by hand.

Now I'm down to a totally minimalist approach of a knife and a skillet. Now, the blender we use for smoothies, but I was baking bread on the weekend and instead of pulling out the mixer I just thought of it as exercise and kneaded by hand. I think once the appliances have 'emotionally depreciated' I may pass them on to a new home. Anyone else found anything similar? I feel like the odd one out most of the time as people talk about how they can't live without (fill in the blank).

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