Legal Seafood - 100$ Gift Card, What Should I Buy Online?

I was given a $100 gift certificate to Legal Seafood . Since I live nowhere near any of their restaurants I'm thinking to use it buy some of their seafood online. I have never been to a Legal Seafood restaurant or known anyone who's ordered online from them, so I have no idea what to go for. Any recommendations?

Looking through the site they don't seem to give much detail about their products or where specifically where they are from, oysters are simply listed as oysters, lobsters are listed as from North Atlantic, etc. I'm lucky enough to live in a place with fresh of the boat seafood available such as ridgeback shrimp, spot prawns, Pacific spiny lobsters etc. so I'd like to get something unique we don't have around here. I was going to go with lobsters, but the price seems high and I can get both local and Maine lobsters around here for a cheaper price. Any help appreciated.

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