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gift suggestion for 12-year old

hi everyone. clearly this is last minute, but i need to find a gift for my little cousin, who currently wants to be a pastry chef when she grows up. we always bake together around the holidays, and she really enjoys it. i'm not sure what to get her. i'm leaning away from a cookbook, since i live 2 hours away from her and the adults in her house aren't likely to help her try the recipes. she's twelve and not cutesy. i bought her an easy bake oven last year - she really liked it but got very frustrated with using it. my original idea was to purchase baking classes for the two of us, but in nyc they're too expensive and in pa they're nonexistent. i would really appreciate any suggestions!

since we're not going to do the classes, which my father was going to chip in on, my budget is now $25 (i'm an americorps volunteer and have no money haha). thanks for your help!

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