Dim Sum Poll! (and a question for SE'ers in L.A./San Gabriel)

Calling all Dim Sum Lovers of the SE Universe!

How do you guys prefer your dim sum: ordered from a cart pushed past your table, or selected from a written list and brought by waiters? Both have their charms -- the former lets you order items based on which carts pass by and whether or not it looks good (regardless of whether or not you know what's in it), while the latter guarantees you'll get what you want (as well as a few surprises if you order an item with an unfamiliar name). So either way, it's good! Just wondering which style people like better :)

Also, I just found out that my go-to push-cart dim sum place in San Gabriel closed down. Since I still have a couple menu/list style places in the bullpen, it's not too big of a concern. However, in your opinion, what remaining push-cart style places in the San Gabriel Valley (or menu-style places, for that matter -- can't have too many dim sum places in the bullpen, after all) would you recommend replacing it with?

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