A turkeylicious tale

I think I mentioned on board that my TG turkey did not cook in time and we just tanked up on sides and all was well. Anyway at the store on Monday I decided to cook my mother a repeat turkey dinner with a cooked turkey. What the hell I thought I will save some time and buy this frozen turkey tv dinner family pack thing. Back at home time to eat. I was a little concerned when i picked up a slice of the turkey and i could see my mother on the other side. Then it kept slipping off my fork. Damn get some mashed potatoes and stab and anchor that slippery bird. I finally get in my mouth and start chewing, well trying too. Gag I spit it out in my napkin and said to my mom "I love you" For the love of pot roast do not put that in your mouth. Anyway I won't divulge the brand except it began with a B and ended with a t. Well another night of TG sides for us. I am doing a prime rib for Xmas thanks in advance to Kenji for the great tips. And Merry Xmas to all my fellow SE's

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