Would you like an OP "Update" section on former Talk threads?

This morning I was cruising through past Talk threads and saw that Judith had updated her white truffle thread to tell us what she made with her remaining truffles. It was wonderful! That made me think that it would be great if there were some way on the site to allow the OPs of threads that ask advice about a certain occasion or event to let us know what they decided or how an event went. I was updated in a separate thread by carmason on her "Thai chicken" dilemma (the guests requesting a certain meal) and again wished everyone on that thread could be alerted to her update. Wouldn't you like to know what Mom's cookbook was finally named, or how grandma's recipes were changed (to mention two recent threads)?
If this would take too much work on Adam's or Alaina's part--let us know. But I'd love to be able to go to a section for OP Updates. Going back to old threads is so time-consuming, and it's hard to tell if they've been updated, or just have the original comments.
SEers--what do you think of the idea?


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