What is Serious Eats?

I've seen so many posts lately where people look at something and say something along the lines of "This isn't Serious Eats!" or "Mixes aren't serious! It's not hard to make it from scratch!" or "How can you call this Serious Eats!" So...what is Serious Eats to you?

I like this place because I've learned a lot here. My cooking has improved since I've started reading the site, and I've gotten some great recipe ideas and cooking tips. I also love reading the comparisons of different brands of food (since unlike many of the restaurants, they're actually things that are accessible to me), and I'm a really big fan of Kenji's lab and the US of Pizza series. I also enjoy the humor in the Talk section. I'm not a serious chef, I'm a serious eater, and that means eating what tastes good, even if it's not considered gourmet or foodie-approved or "serious" (whatever that means) or whatever. Labels are for posers.

Thanks Adam and company for keeping up the site! :)


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