vegetable shortening vs. lard

I grew up using and learning to properly care for my mother's cast iron, and she bought me some of my own as the best housewarming gift ever for my first apartment. It was one of the few really valuable kitchen lessons she taught me that stuck.

Still, even though I know better, I flaked last week and left one of my favorite cast iron skillets on a hot burner, dry, for the better part of an evening, and it's killed the seasoning.

The Lodge website says to use melted vegetable shortening, but I have an irrational dislike of veg. shortening, so I bought lard instead. Plus, bacon, chicken, and generally most animal fats do really well to keep the seasoning in good shape once it's seasoned.

So now I want to know why Lodge specifies veg. shortening for seasoning? Is vegetable shortening somehow objectively superior?

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