So, home-curing bacon for the first time...

I told my parents that everyone on my Christmas list is going to get home made bacon from me this year. They think I'm nuts, but everyone else is all for it. I think it might be a generational thing.

First I find the sodium nitrate/nitirite/"pink salt" contentions, then what temperature to smoke seems to be in debate...

But what I'm really curious about is flavoring. Yeah, I can give just good old smoked bacon. But I want to do something eye catching. Or, tongue catching, I suppose. A regular old maple one will probably have to occur, but I'm also thinking a bourbon/vanilla one with the introduction of some Bullet bourbon and vanilla pods. Maybe a chiplotle? Even a pineapple and brown sugar or pineapple and terkiyaki?

Has anyone made their own bacon? How did it turn out, and did you use pink salt? And did you try any non traditional flavorings?


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