Serious eating with health consciousness in mind.

Moderation is key, and Ed's Serious Diet column has been a great insight to me -- but I'm curious:

How do you all mix good (great!) food with health in mind?

I find the best recipes use butter, cheese etc. and true to form - as we are meant to find them - taste best. I cut down on fat by using PAM a lot, whole grain bread and rice, low-fat cheeses etc.

I started cooking with health concerns in mind, but flavor was, and always will be, #1 for me. I try to stick with fresh, seasonal, locally sourced ingredients that require minimal amounts of doctoring for a good meal (aromatics and spices make this so much easier!).
Creamy and oil-heavy meals are an indulgence for me - and mainly in restaurants.

I'd love to know how SE-ers love to mix both great flavor and health conscious recipes on a daily basis.

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