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Sexy Kitchen Confessions....

I'm getting a bit tired of all this Thanksgiving talk..we need to spice it up a bit and remind us why we all keep coming back for some more SEats!

When I first started dating my wife,the sharpest tool I had in my arsenal to win her over with was my cooking.

Be honest..Have you ever "hooked-up" with someone because of their cooking? Or..Have you ever used your cooking as a tool to lure in a potential mating prey?

This is suppose to be a fun post..pls share any cute,funny, romantic,embarrassing,or distasterous stories you'd like us to read...also,if you succeeded at winning over a life partner or even if you just got into someone's pants with a particular dish...pls let us know what that dish was!

Please begin your post with "Chef" or "Prey" to identify which side of the attack you were on.

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