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Paulie Gee's - report

I went to Paulie Gee's for the first time Saturday night and thought I would post some comments. Paulie came to the table when we sat down and we spent a good deal of time talking pizza. Paulie is a kindred spirit ..a true pizza enthusist. We discussed our mutual love of Totonnos and other classic pies. He is clearly earnest in his love of the pie.
That being said I must say that I was disappointed in what we were served that night. The sauce was excellent...the topping first rate..but when all is said and done pizza is about the crust. Good neopolitan style pizza should be thin, slightly crisp and chewy. This crust was soft and pillowy sort of melted in you mouth. As Paulie no longer makes pizza in the restaurant I think that his training and quality control may be slipping.
Paulie Gee's was a great experience but I hope this is not the top of their game............

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