My family of 4 is now a family of 7... tips for cooking large?

I'm a snatch and grab type in the kitchen, just generally make things up as I go, and having been married for almost 14 years and with the kids getting bigger (10 and 12) I have grown accustomed to our appetites and become pretty good at cooking for the four of us without much waste.

Now, my SIL, BIL, and thier 9 month old baby have moved in with us. They've been struggling to find good work, economy, etc. and we are very blessed to have a home that used to be a boarding house, so we have an apartment almost ready made for them. We feel so lucky to have them here, wonderful to have family around and the baby is so CUTE!!!


I never know how much to cook! I've been on vacation this week, too, so I've had plenty of time for prep and thinking in advance and spending lots of time in the kitchen, but next week, I go back to the daily ground, 8-5, and need to start thinking more in terms of weekend prep, crock pot, etc. Not to mention baby food - I wonder if we can save money making our own, and I do have that as-seen-on-ebay grinder under the counter....

Any tips out there for cooking for a large family?


Chef Dad

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