January 8 is International Serious Eats Day (Let's all meet up!)

Have you caught the discussion in the SE Convention thread yet? We at SE aren't able to organize a convention convention at this point, as PoorOldMama suggested, but ... but ...

What about simultaneous meetups across the country and/or the world? Think of them as mini SE conventions where you can meet fellow SE'rs in real life.

We've designated January 8, 2011 (that's a Saturday) as International Serious Eats Day. How 'bout we all try to organize SE meetups in our respective cities on this date? How wild would that be?

And, with the magic of the internet, it's entirely possible and easy. We've got a Serious Eats page on Meetup.com -- you know, as a centralized place where SE'rs can self-organize. There are already meetup seeds started for:

Interested? Visit our Meetup page and join an existing event or start one in your area!

UPDATE: Just a couple thoughts as comments here roll in and people start seeding meetups on meetup.com ...

1. Instead of asking here if anyone's interested in XYZ city, just go to the meetup.com page and seed a meetup! Since we don't have the fancy messaging doodads here, the meetup.com page is really going to be the easiest way to do this.

2. It's probably best to join the nearest, biggest meetup instead of creating a smaller one! The bigger the group, the more serious the fun! (For example: Don't create a St. Paul MN meetup -- just join the Minneapolis one! Don't create a Malibu event, just join the L.A. one!)

(Also ... this is the Official Mascot of International Serious Eats Day.)


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