Inspired by Random Thanksgiving thoughts thread..

Could I possibly use any more butter?
Including shopping time, prep time, cooking time and clean up time,
Spent a 24 hour day on a 30 minute meal,
Oh well, I'm loving every sniff!
4 gallons of potatoes and 7 pies,
A whole smack of good looking food photography today.
BLT for dinner...and the LT does not stand for Leftover Turkey,
I used four pounds of butter this morning,

The sound cranberries make when they pop on the stove,
Gluten-free rolls that he baked two days ago, like rocks,
Canned whole cranberry sauce goes great with cottage cheese,
Fried egg sandwich with a glass of Sirah,
Bourbon pecan pie on old Czech gold-rimmed plates from Asbury Park,
..Enough leftovers to feed an army

Slow roasting turkey overnight, a smell better than coffee,
Being alone is better than being the recipient of snide snarky comments,
I do not envy my wife who went,
Facebook connections almost make up for missing the fun commotion,
PJs, Mythbusters marathon, good meal, cold beer, and nap,
Perfect end to the day, I would say.
Leek bread pudding? That sounds amazing.

Wonderful fresh cranberry compote to no avail.
You'd swear I shot their dog.
Buy the goop tomorrow for next year's dinner.
Brought home turkey,
Gave to feral cats and neighbor's dog,
Not much of a vegetarian that spaniel..

Doesn't have to have turkey to be Thanksgiving,
No laser levels, pulley systems or pie birds needed,
Grilled steaks, mashed potatoes and green beans instead,
T-day with my 4 people is lovely lovely lovely.
My father's nickname as a child was Sun Buns,
Nude sunbathing discussion ensued,
Crackle and sizzle, you've got it.

All bellies full and sprawled haphazardly,
Napping together: husband, dog and cat,
Another one bites the dust-many lessons learned.
How did the Grandmas of yore do Thanksgiving with a smile?
Glad to see the tail lights for another year!
I'm surprised you did all that with only 4 pounds of butter.


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