how many Thanksgivings are you having?

ah! So I'm not even big into holidays, but I just realized that with my work potluck today (trying out the hominy casserole I asked about last week!), a friend's early Thanksgiving tonight, another friend's Thanksgiving (which will be my only one on the actual day of), my mother's day after, and one after I get back that another friend hosts since she's always back with her parents that weekend, I've got 5 Thanksgiving meals this year.

And it's not just general holiday entertaining - each meal is distinctly and deliberately Thanksgiving food. I guess my friends are either foodie to start with or they GO foodie and create excuses to make a Thanksgiving meal if their social calendar prevents them from playing host on the day of. Not that I'm complaining though! Are any of you hopscotching your way through multiple renditions of the holidays this year?

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