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Cranberry relish in the land of no cranberries

So, another question about Thanksgiving. I'm trying to figure out how to do a sort of cranberry sauce/relish/ANYTHING for my Thanksgiving potluck in France. I have scouted out the city - there are no fresh berries to be found. My two options are buying the ocean spray canned sauced or jelly from a specialty shop at 4.99€/can or buying dried cranberries that are actually quite plump and moist at 18€/kilo. I love the ocean spray jellied stuff and grew up eating it. But paying 5€ for it (I could eat the entire can myself!) sort of irks me.

I'm dreaming of a relish recipe that could rely on oranges more and have a hearty amount of the dried berries incorporated in... Or do any of you have any nice ideas for dressing up the canned cranberry sauce?

Innovative ideas are welcome! Thanks!


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