New York

Bringing my pescatarian brother to the city...

...and looking for places to eat/. He expressed interest in the following areas:

- Gourmet Vegetarian (made a dinner res at Dirt Candy so I've got this one covered)
- Indian (was looking at Saravanaas)
- Asian (he didn't specify beyond that... Which cuisine would be best for a pescatarian?)
- Coffee (was considering Blue Bottle Coffee)
- Single Malt Scotch (had my eyes on Brandy Library)
- Pizza (planning on dedicating the entire day to getting him some Di Fara. How long will be the wait on a Sunday if we get there around 11am?)
- Beer (I wanted to check out Barcade for pre-dinner drinks since I think we'd both enjoy the old school arcade vibe)

What do you think of my choices? Your recommendations are highly appreciated.


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