Wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free meal ideas please

My daughter has a substantial number of food allergies, which makes meal planning a little difficult. I'm definitely in need of fresh ideas!

I'm looking for meals that are:
* Wheat-free (but not necessarily gluten-free)
* Dairy-free (even sheep and goat)
* Egg-free
* Tomato-free
* Nut and sesame seed -free
* Seafood-free

Recently family meals: tofu stir-fry; beef stew and roast; dinner salads with bacon, beans, and avocado; roast chicken with green beans and rice pilaf; lentil soup; and curries. We're open to any cuisine. Meat and meatless meals are welcome.

Dessert ideas would also be greatly appreciated. (Aside from fruit).

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