Spinach and weird mouthfeel

So I thought I'd just share this tidbit of information I learned last night...

I made this recipe: White Lasagne with Parmigiano Besciamella and added fresh, steamed spinach from the market to my layers. The recipe is great and my man and I scarfed down own plates Garfield style.

However, we both noticed a strange filmy mouthfeel after each spinachy bite. And we'd experienced the same feeling after eating sautéed spinach on polenta a few weeks ago. But not encountered it when the spinach is mixed into soups. Sort of a every once in a while experience.

After a bit of googling last night, we discovered that this filmy feeling left in our mouths can be attributed to the high levels of oxalate found in spinach, a substance which also blocks the body's absorbtion of much of spinach's iron.

Weird, huh? Just wondering if others had experienced this or know anything else about it. Interested in hearing your feedback!

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