South American cuisine - kid friendly and portable.....

For the umpteenth time, I turn to my SE friends for advice for my Girl Guide troupe. As is the norm, when we have an event, I am tagged to do any cooking involved. This time, we are having our final get together in 2010 to celebrate 100 years of Guiding in Canada. I am tasked with making a snack representative of South American cuisine. This snack should be reasonably small (ie hand held), not require utensils if possible, and be somewhat kid friendly. Can be sweet or savoury.

Obviously (to me anyway) I was leaning towards empanadas. However, I have left myself a little short on time - I have to have this done by tomorrow afternoon - and the number quoted to me as attending this event could be as high as 100.

So, I'm going to continue investigating other options and potential shortcuts, but in the meantime, anyone got any other bright ideas? Quesadillas crossed my mind but I believe they are more Mexican in origin. Is there an equivalent South American (and yes I know that spans a HUGE range of cuisine, which I am hoping will work in my favour!) type of thing?


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