Shrimp Pizza, White?

I need some help. I do a pretty darn good (red) pie in a home oven and without breaking the machine. I've got a lot of shrimp on hand, but never made a 'white" pie. I tried some clam pies in New Haven a few years ago, but was not impressed. I need some suggestions about sauce and cheese ingredients for a simple pie with shrimp as the primary topper. I've done a couple of red ones, just fine, but would like to try the white type. Beyond a thick Alfredo, I have no clue and I think it could be better. I'm willing to use loads garlic, heavy cream, and herbs, but each must have a reason. Community suggestions are most welcome. Oh how I wish that I could email a sample slice to everyone. Thanks!
To recap, homemade and already have good dough. I'd like to try a white style with shrimp, but no clue about saucing. Something tells me that is should be better/different from Alfredo or simple flour/butter/broth. Where should I go? Thanks.

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