Mixed Review Disclaimer/Note

I think perhaps it would be good to have one of those small text editorial comments explaining the purpose of the Mixed Review column. I know that column has been running a long time, but it just seems there are some people who don't understand it.

So, I missed about 2-3 months of SE and have been reading through the archives furiously for the last few days. One of the things I've noticed is that Mixed Review often gets comments about how easy it would be to make from scratch or sometimes people just commenting to straight up say that no one should ever use mixes for anything and wondering why the column exists at all. (Well, I've actually noticed it for a long time, but this was a much more concentrated dose.)

The worst is the people who try to be clever and say something like "Is this really considered serious eats?". Actually, I hate when people say that in any of the posts. The SE logo has a giant smiley mouth. Have some fun people!

Anyway, I digress. I've also noticed that the Mixed Review appears in the Top Ten for the week post a fair amount, so people are obviously reading it. I find it entertaining even if I would rarely ever even consider using a mix to bake. And I can understand how people who do use mixes would like to know if a particular mix is worth it.

In any case, I think putting up a standard note at the start of the column would help prevent the inevitable anti-mixes comments and the follow up by other readers explaining the column.


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