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I did a little searching on this already, and came up with a few posts. I haven't seen anyone that has a Canon Rebel XT or higher talk about their camera though, so I figured i'd ask about those directly.

I currently have a really...for lack of better words...terrible camera. At least it is terrible for taking any sort of good food shots. It's a Canon Powershot SD 750 Elph. It's a very nice point and shoot camera, but it takes many photos for me to get a good, closeup, no-flash shot of food. We live in a small apartment, with not much good natural light, honestly. We have a few windows, but it's not ideal lighting conditions.

SO I'm looking into the Canon Rebel series. An XSi in specific. I have taken a few photography courses, and it was always a passion of mine. So I'm not shelling out the big bucks just so I can take photos of food (not that there's anything wrong with that! But I do want it for other uses too).

I am curious if anyone has any of those cameras in the series and how they feel about them for shooting their food pictures. Currently the XSi is about $400 on ebay/other sides and $580-$600 brand new. So if you have a camera in that price range (or lower is fine! My wallet would probably like that better!) that you find works amazingly for you, please feel free to share.



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