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What's your "Death Row" meal?

If you had to pick the very last meal you were having on your way out,what would it be?

For me,it would be "Roasted Bone-In Whole Lamb Shoulder" and potatotes. Nothing pleases my palate more than the gooey stickiness of fatty lamb. It's so yummy,I hate to brush that flavor off my teeth that night before going to worries,I do anyway....but I could see how the taste of that lamb could make for some sweet dreams..zzz...zzzz..baaa-baaaa..

This meal is a fan favorite amongst my friends and family. I've made it dozens of times,it's super easy and can turn an vegan into a carnivore in one seating. In case you're wondering,the recipe I use is adapted from Jamie Oliver's "roasted lamb shoulder" which is frigin' awesome!

What would you have as your last meal? If it's anything out of the ordinary,please spread the love and show us your recipe. If it's good enough for your last meal,I'm sure it should be in all our repetoirs.

Please begin your post with the title of the recipe.

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