Richmond, VA

So looking back through old Talk threads (and adding some of my own) I've come up with a list of recommended restaurants in good ol' Richmond, VA. Most of these I've never been to, some of them I have, and some of them I've never even heard of. Can anyone add to this list, and/or let me know if a restaurant has ceased to be? I know there's been casualties lately. We like to go to new places with our friends and lately have been running out of ideas. We're looking for sit-down places, and any Asian cuisine has probably already been discovered and devoured. ;)

Edo's Squid
Mama Zu's
Ma Musu's
Gutenberg Cafe
Kuba Kuba
6 Burner
Acacia Midtown
The Hard Shell
Cafe Europa
The Hill Cafe
Milepost 5
1 North Belmont
3 Monkeys
Buzz & Ned's
Strawberry Street Cafe
Northside Grill
Kitchen 64


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