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Movie night menu needs help!

My hubby and I have been living in Germany for about 8 months. We've been wanting to have a few of our friends over, but our apartment is TINY! Like 23 square meters tiny. Like my kitchen consists of 2 electric burners, a 6"X12" bit of counter, a sink, and a minifridge tiny.

I'm having a few friends (4, so 6 people total) over Saturday night for dinner/snacks and movies. (The twist is everyone has to come in PJs).

Oh, and I'm also on a tight budget. Any suggestions for finger foods, or even main dishes that I could make ahead? As I said, not a lot of storage space in the fridge, and limited cooking space on the counter. I've tossed around the idea of chili, chicken paprikash, a DIY sandwich bar... and dessert is leaving my mind blank!! I'm trying to play up the whole pj party theme...

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