Good Coffee Pot? (Farberware's a Junk Brand)

Unfortunately, Farberware's percolators have completely turned to crap. Our latest one just died, well short of its first birthday. Apparently this is now a common occurrence with this brand.

The needless redesigns were bad enough (the tube used to rise above the rim, making filter basket placement simple instead of a whack-a-mole game), but now it's clear they just make a shoddy product.

It doesn't help that they're overpriced too; $80 at Macy's.

(Ah, it seems they've been acquired and licensed a few times, currently by Lifetime Brands, who also put out some KitchenAid branded utensils.)

So the (almost classically) simple question: What do you recommend as a good coffee pot?

We don't like drip makers -- they all make tepid coffee. We also don't want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a shiny multitubed Italian machine that looks like something from a steampunk comic book.

Can you recommend anything decent, reasonably priced, percolator-like, and reliable? Simple is good. (Reusable filters are preferable to disposable filters; the fewer parts the better; no prefilled "pod" makers please.) Stove-top is fine too.

I'd much appreciate any advice. Thanks.

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