Ancient techniques from your fore-fathers/mothers.

A few days ago I had a few left over biscuits, which is rare for this household. I found myself going on auto-pilot doing a re-heat the way my father taught me when I was a ten year old. I heated my oven to 400, ran water over a small paper bag until it was wet but still able to open. I placed six biscuits into the wet bag and put the wet bag of biscuits into the hot oven. By the time it took me to prepare sausage gravy in five minutes maybe, I took the bag out of the oven. The bag was dry and very hot. The biscuits were as if they were fresh baked,steaming flaky pull-apart layers of tender crumb.
I had a thought that other serious eaters had techniques they learned from their elders in the past years that they use today. Do you have one?

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