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Which celebrity chef is more "Celebrity" than Chef?

I received some really great posts to my previous "talk" about which celebrity chef's cooking style is closest to your cooking style. I thought it would be fun to hear the other side too...

Which celebrity chef do you think has very little kitchen/cooking talent? This does not mean,which chef can you not stand-I want to know which celebrity chef's food/recipies you think is sub-par,at best and why?

IMHO,I think Rachel Ray is a terrible chef. She doesn't look for ingredients that compliment each other. She is more concerned with which ingredient combination has she never aired before. Case in point-Hot dog pieces in hamburger mix for her Chili Dog episode. I give her all the credit she deserves for bringing in the daytime-primetime audience to the foodie world,I just think her recipies (for the most part) are useless.

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