What days,when and how long do you take to shop for ingredients?

I was having a conversation with my wife about our crazy shopping adventures, between fighting the crowds and not being able to find everything we need and was wondering how everyone else manages it. Half of cooking is about the ingredients and beyond the cost of goods lately it seems it sure does suck up a lot of our time, at least where we live. I was curious if we are alone.

Do we all shop on the same days or are we all over the map? Do we head out after work, before work, or early in the morning like my father-in-law?

Please tell me: 1. What days you usually head to the grocery store or market (i know this may differ but generally) 2. what state you are in (and city if you don't mind), and 3.what time you usually shop? 4. How long does your round trip journey take?

This ought to be interesting. I'll go first. 1). W,F & Sat. 2).Brooklyn, NY 3). Morning, between 8am and 11am. 4). 5 hours.

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