What cities have provided surprising serious eats for you?

A week and a half ago we were on a plane to England for my best friend's wedding in Oxford, and then we were going to finish out our time in London with one of our best friends in college. While Oxford was lovely (many great pubs there, of course), I was so pleasantly surprised by how well we ate in London, especially after being told by several people that the food in the city was disappointing at best--though I credit our lovely host for giving us a proper tour (and also for living near an awesome steakhouse where we ate very well our last night).

Most shockingly, though, was the discovery that I a.) enjoy Marmite (albeit sparingly) and b.) love me some Pimm's Cup No. 1. It definitely made for a very fun trip.

Have any of you been pleasantly (or unpleasantly, for that matter) surprised by the food you encountered on a trip?

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