Watermelon: *Way* or *No Way*

Is seedless watermelon as tasty as seeded? Do you swallow the black seeds? How do you use it - cut open and eat out-of-hand, or in fruit salad? Soup or drink or other recipe you'd like to share?

I want to try a recipe Wookie posted on Facebook for Watermelon Gazpacho that she wrote. If you love it, tell us how you like it. If you don't, why? The taste, texture, or seeds too much trouble?

Obviously, I'm a WAY. Can't wait to try the Gazpacho and I love it when it's really ripe. I do buy seedless sometimes, because I have to pick out the seeds before I can enjoy, but I think the seeded has more flavor. Is that my imagination?

What say YOU.....Way or No Way?

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