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SE Culinary Ambassadors update

Just wanted to update everyone who was interested (either in participating or reading) in the Culinary Ambassadors initiative.

The initial response was phenomenal and we have 50+ people ready to fill us in on the everyday details of food life from around the globe. I sent out the first 3 "assignments" (Breakfast in ______, Street Food in ______, School Lunches in ______) recently, and responses are rolling in and starting to post.

I've added 6 more topics to the list since then. Rather than hammer all you current eats envoys with emails right away, I'm posting them here.

And anyone else who is interested in getting on board is free to follow these links and file a dispatch!

Overview: SE Culinary Ambassador One-Sheet


Thanks to everyone who's signed up or submitted a dispatch or suggested topics to cover! The response has been really heartening. Cheers, eaters!

Talk is closed, but that doesn't mean the conversations have to stop!

Check out this post for a more thorough explanation, and jump onto our Facebook page or our Twitter feed to keep the conversations going!

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