Recipes for Diabetics? What's tasty and still good for you?

I was diagnosed with this last feb. sugar=454 ouch. Anyway at first I stopped drinking and stopped all white sugar intake and took my medicine. After a few months of poking myself 2x a day I decided to drop one of the pills just to see what would happen and the result was nothing changed. So welcome back alcohol no sailor should be without his grog. I further reduced the 2x a day pill to 1x a day and still no change.Thank-you metformin 500mg-hello donut. Still I know that I need to be eating better but I love spicy..thank-you omeprozole, and I need to exercise more. So portion controls and healthier combos what's your recommendations.? Do you have a diabetic story and/or favorite food that you like that is actually good for you? I would like to hear about it.

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