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Opinion Update: The Cooking Channel

So now that it's been on for a couple of months, anyone have an updated opinion on The Cooking Channel?

I am delighted with it. Even the fluff programming has teeth. I watched My Country My Kitchen and thoroughly enjoyed learning about how Ariane Daguin became a force in French Cuisine and one of the first female chefs to get any respect from her male counterparts in France. I listened raptly to every word spoken on the Lidia Bastianich episode of At Table With. I was surprised I enjoyed Unique Eats as much as I did but the highlighted personalities were interesting and the food looked great.

Love the legacy programming like The French Chef and Galloping Gourmet. (Holy cow, they both threw around a lot of butter...)

As far as the newer programming - how wonderful it is to see young, up and coming chefs - or at least people who know how to cook. The Spice Goddess was interesting and informative.

Favorite shows? Hosts? Not moved in any direction? Inquiring minds want to know!

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